Wells Aircraft, Inc. Hutchinson Municipal
(888) 496-5545
800 Airport Road
Hutchinson, KS 67501

Fuel & Line Services

Wells Aircraft fuel trucks ready for business. Wells Aircraft, Inc. is a fast, convenient fuel stop in the Midwest! Our professional line service crew is proud to offer quick-turns that usually take 15 minutes or LESS! We will be happy to assist passengers/pilots with hotel reservations, car rentals, and catering services. Let us help make your trip easier for you and your passengers. We also have the added convenience of our own repair station and hangars for overnight storage that can accommodate any size plane up to a mid sized jet.

At our maintenance hangars you can also find a flight planning station equipped with a weather computer for your trip planning convenience, wireless Internet, and fresh coffee.


Fuel Prices

Fuel Prices
Jet A Fuel$3.87 Av Fuel Aviation Fuel
100LL Fuel$4.24

Prices subject to change. Pricing current as of October 21, 2020.


Hangar Space

  Aircraft Type Apr-Oct Nov-Mar
Single Engine (C172, Cirrus, etc)$40.00/Night$65.00/Night
Light Twins (C310, Baron, etc)$70.00/Night$100.00/Night
Medium Twins (C421, Navajo, etc)$90.00/Night$120.00/Night
Turbine Aircraft (King Air, Citation, etc)$225.00/Night$375.00/Night



Miscellaneous Services & Pricing

Miscellaneous Services
Oxygen Service$100.00
Bag of Ice$3.00
(free w/ fuel)
Pot of Coffee$2.50
(free w/ fuel)
Battery Jump$15.00
Ground Power Unit$25.00/Half Hour
(free w/ fuel)
Landing FeesNone
Tie-down FeesNone
Lavatory ServiceNot Available
Oil Prices
Aero Shell 100 Mineral$8.50/qt
Aero Shell 80W$8.50/qt
Aero Shell 80 Mineral$8.50/qt
Phillips X/C$8.50/qt
Phillips 20w50 Mineral$8.50/qt
Aero Shell 100 Plus$8.50/qt
Aero Shell 15w50$8.75/qt
Exxon Elite$9.00/qt
Mobil Jet II$18.50/qt
BP 2380$18.50/qt
Mobil Jet 254$18.50/qt

Prices subject to change. Pricing current as of April 16, 2020.

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